Bentley Car Price In Bangladesh

The Bentley car company was founded in 1919 and has their headquarters located close to Crewe, England. They specialize in luxury SUVs with famous models such as the Arnage SUV or Flying Spur sports sedan for those who need more than just speed on a long highway drive but also an elegant ride up front where it counts!

Bentley Flying Spur Series:

The Flying Spur series is the best luxury car in Bangladesh. It offers exclusive features such as an engine capacity of 5950 cc and driving range (WLTP), which allows for 378 miles on a single fill up with gas, 608 km if unladen! You can conquer any road in this magnificent vehicle that was designed to take your breath away – from 0-60 mph done by 3.7 seconds or 100km/h reached after only three 8 second quarters!. The new model just arrived at our dealership so come see what all these lap Timer reviews have been talking about.

Bentley Continental GT Series:

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From the affordable mid-range to luxurious sports cars, Continental GT series is known for its features. The 6th generation engine and transmission provide a smooth ride with fast gear changes in all conditions. It’s no surprise this popular marque has been adapted by Suzuki – one of Bangladesh’s most loved car makers!

Bentley Arnage Series:

The most affordable Bentley car in Bangladesh is the Arnage series. Since its introduction, this line has been a favorite among ARAI Mileage8 km and Engine Displacement (cc),6761; top speed 270 km/h with two Garrett T3 turbochargers fitted on engine as well like RL model from 2002 – 2006 version.

List of Bentley Car Price in Bangladesh

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