Changan Car Price In Bangladesh

The Changan company is an automobile manufacturer, which was founded in 1862 and has its headquarters located in Chongqing. They produce SUVs, ECOs (Energy-efficient cars), MPVs (Multi passenger vehicles) Hatchbacks sedans & commercial vehicles for sale all over Bangladesh as well! Some of their most famous models include: Eado XT ,Alsvin

Changan Eado Series:

The Eado series is the most luxurious and best Changan car in Bangladesh. With a 1.6L Blue Core engine developed to international standards, this SUV offers you all of its premium features such as an auxilliary transmission for smoother shifting or front wheel drive options so that driving on any terrain will be easier than ever before!

Changan Eado XT Series:

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Eado XT series is responsible for the mid-range price point of Changan cars. It provides reasonable specs like Eado collision warning function which is effective at stationary objects in a range 30 – 85km/h, and that it also works well when considering moving object speeds are over 35 mph (56 kmph). The popularity level amongst users has placed this model among some of Bangladesh’s most popular car models on offer today!

Changan Eado DT:

Changan cars in Bangladesh are known for being affordable and offering great features. The newest Eado DT series from Changan is just that: it has all of these qualities, but with some added bonuses! This car comes equipped with 6 airbags as well as HEEAB (head protection system), an intelligent driving computer which helps you stay focused on the road while also providing helpful information about traffic patterns or potential hazards ahead; LED headlamps to light up your way at night without having any trouble adjusting them manually duetor screens 10 inches larger than those found on competitors’ vehicles AND In Call 3.0 – this feature allows drivers who must remain connected even when behind a steering wheel because they work remotely temporarily.

List of Changan Car Price in Bangladesh

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