Hyundai Car Price In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Hyundai cars are known for their reliability and affordability. They’ve been around since the 1970s when they first started selling a small car in South Korea to people who would not otherwise be able afford it – most famously Creta sedans which can cost $6-7k USD now after taxes whereas 10 years ago this price point wouldn’t even register on our radar screens because we were still getting over$1K per square foot from government incentives back then!

The focus here however isn’t just these few models but also how Hyundais have really stepped up their game lately with some impressive updates including luxury SUV’s like Elites i20 , compact SUVs such as Grandeur xD steer clear though if you want something room.

Hyundai Creta Series:

The latest Hyundai car model Creta is the most luxurious and best in Bangladesh. This SUV offers various premium features such as LED headlamps, tail lamps, panoramic sunroof wireless charging power adjustable driver seat ventilated front seats.

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This product has amazing benefits for both customers who want more comfort when driving or sitting down but also need an elegant looking vehicle that looks great from every angle; so they can show off their wealth without worrying about what others might think of them because this sleek beast will turn any onlooker into a fan instantly!

Hyundai Grand i10 Series:

The Grand i10 series is responsible for the mid-price range Hyundai cars. It provides reasonable specs like side airbags as standard across the range and on top of that, it has some safety features such as dual front airbags with ABS (anti-lock braking system) which can save you in case something goes wrong; impact sensing door unlock feature prevents drivers from key jams when they lock their vehicle by mistake without unlocking all doors first–a real problem here since many people do this habitually while others may remember only after its too late! Other notable items include rear defogger unit to melt away those unwanted sweat patches before they become slippery hazards during summertime weather conditions or parking sensors so we don’t have any more surprises upon arrival at your

Elite i20 Series of Hyundai:

The Elite i20 series is responsible for the mid-range Hyundai cars. These feature 15 gunmetal grey alloy wheels, a rearview camera, body color door handles and dual front cup holders! With AC controls that can be adjusted from inside or outside your car with an extra Sunvisor to help you see better while driving at night time on freeways without any kind of light sources around it makes this vehicle perfect as well if safety matters most in what type of transportation we take when traveling long distances.

It also comes equipped standard with two exit vents located directly behind each seated passenger’s head where there’s ample air flow throughout hot climates.

List of Hyundai Car Price in Bangladesh

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