JAC Car Price In Bangladesh

JAC is a Chinese automobile company, founded in 1964 and headquartered in Hefei. J AC make Passenger vehicles such as cars, SUVs/UMVs (utility vehicle), pick-up trucks etc.; electric motors for automotives under their Electric Vehicle brand name along with heavy duty diesel engine designed specifically to power up to 18 tone Low Krong Chassises that carry loads over long distances on the Tibetan Plateau where roads have yet been built or maintained by authorities since 1950s when Dalai Lama fled from Communist takeover following Operation Green Hunt campaign launched against Tribals which means attack all religions except Buddhism because they don’t believe there’s any Goddess!

JAC A60 Series:

The A60 series from JAC is the latest car model for Bangladesh. It has high-end features like bling grille, small headlights and logo on a sleek body that will be available with two four cylinder engines: one 1.5 turbo having 174hp and 251nm of torque while other offers 2 liters of power in either 190 HP at 280NM or 205 HP 275 NM overdrive versions respectively to suit your driving needs perfectly!

JAC IEV7S Series:

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The JAC IEV7S series is responsible for the mid-range price of new cars on offer in Bangladesh. The top features of this vehicle include all electric range: 280 km / 173 miles, onboard battery charging options with fast charge mode – capable to reach 80% charged after one hour and 100% within another half an hour time span; motor power at 113 horsepower | 85 kW which produces torque 199 lb ft/270 Nm when accelerating from a standstill or crawling speed up around 130 km/80 mph while having 39 kWh capacity per seater that can seat up four people comfortably before needing recharging again if needed!

A popular model among buyers across different classes especially those who are looking something inexpensive but still high quality.

JAC J4 Series:

With the most affordable JAC car in Bangladesh, this new model is sure to satisfy your every need. With a height that can reach up to 1505mm and an interior space almost as large at 381 liters per square meter (LPMS), you’ll feel like royalty on board! And there are plenty more features worth mentioning: it has one foot clearance when sitting in front row seats with seat belts but also comes equipped for children who weigh less than 40kgs due its adjustable headrest system – making travelling around town easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

List of JAC Car Price in Bangladesh


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