Lotus Car Price In Bangladesh

The British automotive car company, Lotus was founded in 1948. Headquartered at Hethel and Norfolk England the small town of 1 million people known for its farming community is a perfect place to start building your own legacy! Some famous cars made by this well-established brand include: ELISE Sport 220 (1955),ELISE Sports 350(1989)and finally their most recent model which hit streets last year–the EXE 240 Champions Edition SUV.

In addition to being purveyors & designers behind some pretty exciting vehicles like these three iconic models listed above there has also been plenty change over time too see how far along they’ve come.

Lotus ELISE Sport 410 Series:

The new Lotus ELISE 410 series is the best car in Bangladesh. It features exclusive retro-inspired colors, body colored parts and extra carbon fiber! These add to its exclusivity as well as making it easy on your wallet with all of these great features at an affordable price – just like what makes this such a popular line among collectors worldwide.

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The 411th model from Britain’s most prestigious sports brand has arrived here on earth for us ordinary people who can’t afford their high costs but still crave something special about themselves without breaking our bank accounts doing so.

Lotus ELISE 350 Series:

The mid-range car from Lotus, the ELISE 350 series is responsible for creating cars that offer reasonable specs. The Exige S borrows much of its design from Elise and features an aluminum tub extrusion with Toyata sourced 3.5 liter supercharged V6 under it all; while also adding on new parts like a rear subframe which houses this engine amongst other things!

Lotus ELISE 220 Series:

The most affordable Lotus car in Bangladesh, the Elise 220 series offers a sprint that is identical to the 1.6s apart from its engine and weighs about 50kg more – but you get better fuel economy! Its version of Toyota’s in-line four cylinder makes over 200hp with not very much noise at all; perfect for city dwellers like me who live near busy roads.

List of Lotus Car Price in Bangladesh

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