Disclaimer about the information on our site


Autocarsbd.com usually shows the official price in Bangladesh when a product is available officially. They may or may not be available in the retail Showroom in Bangladesh. The prices may vary in different Showroom as well.

Moreover, the prices and status of different Cars change and we try to update the information as soon as we receive it. But we do not guarantee that all the Cars on our site are available at the same price at this moment and that their status is correct.


We also do not guarantee that the specifications are 100% accurate. Most of the specs were collected from the official sites of each brand and some other trusted sources. However, there is always the possibility of making mistakes by both parties during manual data entry or any other reasons.

Rating & Reviews

The ratings and reviews of individual Cars are subjected to the research, knowledge, understanding, opinion and experience of the writer. They are mostly based on the general understanding of the specifications, market trends, pricing and user feedback. Online hands-on reviews from different tech experts are being considered as well in most of the recent reviews. But many of the reviews are written based on the general understanding of the specifications only. So, the real-life experience of a user can be different, e.g., because of the hardware and software quality of the Car. Moreover, the experience with a Car is also unique from user to user and the service of a Car often depends on how a user uses it. Therefore, ratings and reviews are there to give some general indications about the device and should not be taken in an absolute sense.

Brand Information & Blog Posts

The historical information on individual brand pages, news on blog posts etc. are collected from authentic sources, but like the topics mentioned above, we can’t guarantee the 100% accuracy of the data.

Where to Buy Page

We have mentioned some Showroom names in our “where to buy” page to help our visitors to know about popular local retail Showrooms and online Showrooms. However, we do not guarantee that the pricing of our site and the pricing of the Showrooms will be the same or that you can find all latest Cars in our site in those Showrooms. Also, every Showroom is responsible for their own Cars, warranty, delivery and so on. We do not have partnership with any Showroom or brand as the purpose of Autocarsbd.com is to remain a neutral, independent Car info-based website.

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