MINI Car Price In Bangladesh

Mini is a British automotive company in Bangladesh, founded back in 1969. They produce small cars that are perfect for the country’s roads and traffic conditions which means they’re easy on gas as well! Some popular models include hatchbacks, convertibles or roadsters – all with classic looks to keep you going strong through your day without breaking too much of sweat doing it.

Mini Hatchback Series:

The Mini Hatchback series is the most luxurious and best car in Bangladesh. It offers high-end features such as a hidden glove box, digital speedometer with no key start (even without comfort access), rolling down windows that have key fobs for starting them up on your own terms without an ignition or remote control; heated wiper nozzles to keep you safe during winter months when it’s cold outside then there are automatic wipers which adjust their speed according too how fast rainfall comes falling down from sky!

Mini Cooper Series:

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The most affordable mini car in Bangladesh, the Mini Coupe series offers 121-horsepower and a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine with front wheel drive that can reach 60 mph in 7 seconds or less! With its wide range of available options for both performance tuning as well as safety features such as electronic locking differential power steering system you’ll have no problem finding your perfect ride at an affordable price.

Mini convertible Series:

The Mini Convertible is a perfect choice for those looking to get their kicks while still staying on the safe side of things. The 10 cool factor driving experience comes with all-wheel drive, automatic start/stop function brakes and power steering along 8 speed transmission which will make you feel like an expert racer!

List of MINI Car Price in Bangladesh

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