Renault Car Price In Bangladesh

The Renault car company has been around since 1889. The French automaker makes SUVs and sedans as well, with production facilities across Europe to serve customers in over forty countries worldwide! Some of their best-known models include: the Kwid SUV for small towns or villages where every inch counts; Duster mini cars which are perfect if you need something smaller than an Expressway Taxi but still big on style (Renault expects this one will appeal mostly those living outside cities); and finally Triber electric vehicles designed specifically towards eco conscious drivers who want low running costs while giving off no tailpipe emissions at all–even just sitting there idly charging away like any other normal household plug socket would do.

Renault Duster Series:

The Renault Duster series is the most luxurious and best car in Bangladesh. The new Dual Winged Front Grille, Steering Mounted Controls switch to manual transmission anytime on-the drive India’s First 6 speed easy R AMT Waterfall led tail lamps with ABS + EBD which also includes brake assist hill start assist makes this model special for driver satisfaction.

Renault Triber Series:

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The Triber series of cars is responsible for the mid-price range Renault. This model features best in class infotainment system, techy instrument panel and projector headlamps with daytime running LED lights that make it one great choice to have around town or even when you’re out on an adventure!

Renault KWID Series:

With a range of features to suit any need, the newest Renault KWID is an affordable and practical car for drivers in Bangladesh. The onboard storage spaces are very spacious with 279 liters available when you’re on-the go or at home– expandable up to 620 L if needed! Not only does it come equipped with amenities like USB chargers built into each seat but this model also has plenty more including: exterior mirrors adjustable LED headlamps fog lights as well mobile air conditioning system so that temperatures don’t get too high inside during summer months.

Featuring all these options plus being easy on gas means less time spent waiting around getting somewhere important.

List of Renault Car Price in Bangladesh

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