Ferrari Car Price In Bangladesh

The Italian luxury car manufacturer, Ferrari has been around since 1939. The company specializes in high-performance sports cars and their most popular model is the stunning 812 superfast which was launched into space back when it first came out!

Ferrari also produces an F8 Tributo edition for motorsports enthusiasts as well as a Portofino variant designed exclusively by Pininfarina – who knows how many people will be able to afford one? And then there’s my personal favorite -the spider… what can I say about these beauties besides they’re simply amazing!

Ferrari 812 Superfast Series:

The 812 Supertaster series is the most expensive and best Ferrari car in Bangladesh. This exclusive model provides features such as a top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph) with 0-100km/h acceleration time 2 seconds or less, power to weight ratio at about 4 lbs per horsepower PS etc.. The first electrical EPS equipped supercar from Maranello which was launched on December 2009 has been considered by many experts as one if not “the” ultimate driving machine ever built – certainly very fast!

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It’s worth noting that every new generation vehicle produced nowadays comes fully loaded: state of art technologies like all wheel drive; carbon brakes; magnetorheological adaptive suspensions…

Ferrari Ferrari F8 Tributo Series:

F8 Tributo series is responsible for the mid-price range Ferrari cars. This affordable yet impressive model can reach speeds of 211 mph, six miles per hour more than its predecessor 488 GTB! F 8 trutino one among Bangladesh’s most popular models and it matches Pista’s top speed with Standard features such as a standard 6 luggage space which provides enough room to haul anything you need on road trips; Professional sound system delivered by tweeters while sub woofers handle all bass frequencies

Ferrari Portofino Series:

The most affordable, high-performance Italian sports car is now available in Bangladesh. The Portofino series offers the driver with a seven speed dual clutch transmission to send power rearward via this beautifully crafted and sleek vehicle that makes driving an exhilarating experience! Alongside these luxuries comes 20″ alloy wheels; carbon ceramic brakes for maximum stopping power – even on wet or winter roads when you need it most;parking camera as well so nobody runs into your back end while stopped at red lights (or park themselves); LED lighting which really brings out colors throughout every inch of paint finish from hood stripes up front all way past sideview mirrors down below–and quad exhaust outlets? What more could anyone ask for?! So if money isn’t exactly.

List of Ferrari Car Price in Bangladesh


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