Maserati Car Price In Bangladesh

Maserati is a luxury carmaker, which was founded in 1914 and headquartered in Modena. They make SUVs such as the Sports or Sedan-class models that has been around since 1997 when they released their first new vehicle for over 20 years! Some famous Maseratis from this company are GranTurismo (a two seater), Levante SUV/4WD model with seating for 8 passengers – including 2 extra seats behind all wheel hub ARBs; Quattroporte Luxury sedan featuring 4 doors & 6 seat interior options.

Maserati GranTurismo Series:

The GranTurismo series is the latest Maserati car model in Bangladesh. The exclusive features of this tire make it stand out from other makes and models, not to mention its performance! Available at 245/35 R20 or 285/35R20 for Front tires with dimensions- 4910 mm long dimension width 1915 mm without side mirrors which come equipped on all four corners delivering 460 horsepower underhood . It also has a 94mm bore size as well as 1954 stroke rating putting out peak torque just above 4500 rpm.

Maserati Levante Series:

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Maserati’s Levante series is responsible for the mid-range Maserati cars. For those who want a well-rounded, but affordable ride with some features tailored towards their needs this may be an ideal option as all of it comes at reasonable prices! With engines from V6 to 8 cylinder options there are plenty reasons why people buy into this Italian made vehicle line up each year – making them one of Bangladesh’s most popular car brands today.

Maserati Quattroporte Series:

The most affordable Maserati car in Bangladesh, Quattroporte series offers ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and active torque control. With a 3.0L twin turbo engine with 424hp/428 lb ft of torque it is not hard to see why the Italian luxury brand has been so successful for years!

List of Maserati Car Price in Bangladesh

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