Suzuki Car Price In Bangladesh

People who love cars will enjoy the new Suzuki Alto. It’s a sleek and stylish car that has been manufactured by this Japanese company since 1983, when it first came onto our shores here in Bangladesh!

Featuring such models as Cultus or Bolan (both passenger), Ravi (rica) for people looking to drive around town without any fuss; then there is also Swift which seats four comfortably–perfect if your family consists of more than two children plus yourself at times…or Wagons!! These handy little vehicles can’t wait.


Suzuki Swift Series:

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The Swift series is the best Suzuki car in Bangladesh. The new ZXI and ZDI models provide exclusive features, such as a 163 mm ground clearance with 37L fuel tank capacity for on-the-go adventures or when you find yourself stuck anywhere without enough room to park your SUV like at that construction site last week where we had no choice but use what little space was available despite knowing better than ever before just how dangerous these situations can be! With 5M turning radius (which means less stopping backtracking), front macpherson strut rear torsion beam / drum brakes system designed specifically so they’ll stop quick even if one of them fails unexpectedly! 268 L boot space also comes standard which should give everyone plenty enough room inside their vehicle.

Suzuki Cultus Series:

Cultus series are responsible for the mid-price range Suzuki cars. With reasonable specs like CTR seatbelts, Driving Amenities and Power Steering among others; Cultus VXR is considered one of Bangladesh’s most famous models.

VXR provides that perfect mix between performance and affordability with its ample safety features including dual air bags as well!

Suzuki Bolan Series:

The newest Suzuki car in Bangladesh, the Bolan Cargo Wan series offers top speed of 120 KM and 13kmliter mileage highway. This vehicle’s manual transmission gearbox makes it perfect for maneuvering through traffic while its 145/50R12 tires keep you safe on roadways where there may not always be enough room between cars.

List of Suzuki Car Price in Bangladesh

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