Infiniti Car Price In Bangladesh

Infiniti is a luxury car company in Bangladesh, founded just over 30 years ago and headquartered in Japan. The brand makes SUVs, crossovers or coupes with cars like the QX50 to LUXE series of vehicles being manufactured by them for customers around world who want quality without sacrificing style!

Infiniti QX80 Series:

The QX80 series from Infiniti offers luxurious features such as an interior convenience and comfort that is adjustable to your own needs. The car also comes equipped with adaptive cruise control, power liftgate (keys or module), heated steering wheel etc., making it one of the best cars in Bangladesh for high-end consumers who want luxury at their fingertips! The Luxury edition LUXE version has all these great additions plus more including wireless headphones so you can listen privately during those long drives without being distracted by others around you; a dedicated 7 inch touchscreen multimedia system – playing music.

Infiniti QX60 Series:

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A series of Infiniti cars are responsible for the mid-range price point. The car provides reasonable features like Standard equipment, which includes Bluetooth and navigation available on most models with 8 inch touch screens as well Bose Sound System or premium 13/15 speaker system at rear seats inside QX60 being one popular pick among many buyers in Bangladesh.

QX50 Series of Infiniti:

The Infiniti QX50 is a sleek and spacious car that will have you feeling comfortable for all five occupants. With features such as Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility, forward collision warning system (FCW), blind spot monitoring(BSM) this vehicle has it where it counts! In addition to its tech savvy amenities the ride in these vehicles are smooth even over rough pavement; there’s really no need at all for thoseync protectors when they come equipped standard with every model.

List of Infiniti Car Price in Bangladesh


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