Ford Car Price In Bangladesh

The Ford Motor Company is a premier car manufacturer, founded in 1903 and headquartered on the USA. They produce both commercial vehicles such as trucks and cars under their own brand name for consumers around the world to enjoy; this includes some models that target specifically emerging markets like Asia Pacific where they are particularly strong due largely by manufacturing efficiency improvements made over time which have led them into being able compete effectively without sacrificing quality or prices offered within these regions while still maintaining profitability levels enjoyed elsewhere across all areas including Europe North America Latin America Africa Middle East & Africa Caucasus Turkey Northern Russia Southern Russian Black Sea Ukraine Turkish Republics Western China Eastern Kazakhstan Centralia Kunming Southwestern Sichuan NW Yunnan Hubei Jiangsu Shandong Zhejiang Fujian Guangxi.

Ford EcoSport Series:

EcoSport series is the most expensive and best Ford car in Bangladesh. The exterior features include a 205/60 R16 good year tire, Split Tail Lamps with Keyless Enter 5 speed manual transmission steering mounted controls sporty aluminum pedals rear 12V power outlet for your convenience 52 liters fuel tank which gives you more than enough to cover all of your travels without having any worries about running out .Eco Sport 2022 model comes equipped as standard equipment with climate control air conditioning seats central locking system front fog lights Xenon Headlights Cup Holder Bluetooth Sound System UConnect hands free calling USB slot AC outlets cigarette lighter.

Ford Mustang Series:

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Ford’s Mustang series is the most affordable Ford car in Bangladesh. It offers powerful engine technology, selectable driving modes with an all digital instrument cluster for easy visibility and control of your favorite tunes on CD or SiriusXM radio; infotainment system that provides access to entertainment apps like Netflix while giving you full internet capability so you never miss another social media post again! Plus spacious cargo space perfect if there are any road trip necessities such as picnic foods onboard–or just some extra room because these cars have been known not only get people from A-to-B safely but create memorable journeys too.

Freestyle Series of Ford:

Freestyle series gets you into Ford cars with all the features that make them appealing. It has a 1.5l Petrol engine, driving assistance like cruise control and more! Semi-Auto parallel park assist keyless entry push button start safety conveniences electronic stability control rear parking sensors & camera hill launch assist.

List of Ford Car Price in Bangladesh

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