Volvo Car Price In Bangladesh

The Volvo is a Swedish luxury car company that was founded in 1927. They make sedans, wagons and SUVs for all types of people with different needs from the everyday driver to those looking at their first big purchase like family members who just got out on school loans or even young professionals ready make Mr./Mrs Right proud while still living within budget!

The list goes on an includes models such as-XC90 (a sporty two door loaded up!), X60 which comes standard equipped but packs plenty under its hood; V60 – not available yet here but will be very soon considering how well received it has been overseas where they’ve sold over 100 units since March this year alone according tp licensing info we’ve.

Volvo XC90 Series:

XC90 series is the most luxurious and best Volvo car in Bangladesh. It offers high-end features such as 1 diesel engine, which has a 1969 cc capacity while its petrol counterpart comes with 1989 cc . This model can be Optioned Out for both automatic transmission depending on variant of your choice along with fuel type you need it to have more efficiency from 17 – 42 km per liter!

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This latest Xc 90 vehicle has become very popular among buyers because they offer luxury at affordable prices; there’s also ample room inside despite having 3rd row seats + plenty amenities including WiFi hotspot so drivers don’t worry about being bored while stuck somewhere.

Volvo XC60 Series:

Volvo has long been known to be one of the most luxurious and efficient cars on earth. The new XC60 series from Volvo offers it a Powerful Plug-In Hybrid Powertrain, look hidden storage compartments under the rear seats that show its Swedish heritage inside along with excellent visibility due in part because all models come standard with panoramic moon roofs! If you’re looking for something affordable but still high quality then this could just what your’e after as we’ve found out recently when our research team checked them out firsthand during last week’s visit here today at AutoExpo2016 while talking directly.

Volvo V60 Series:

V60 series is responsible for the mid-price range Volvo car. This newest model comes with a host of features including 250 horsepower and 258 lb/ft torque from its T5 Front Wheel Drive drivetrain, available polestar optimized twin engine plug in hybrid powerplant delivering 415 HP at 494 LBs per FT or optional pilot assists and cross traffic alert system also known as auto brake which can detect when you’re about to collide while stopped at an intersection waiting (or already) there – all this technology makes driving safer!

List of Volvo Car Price in Bangladesh

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