Dodge Car Price In Bangladesh

Dodge is an American car company which was founded in 1900 and headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. They make crossovers SUVs such as the Challenger or Charger famous for their durability and performance on-road‚ but also have cars like The Grand Caravan that are perfect if you need to tow heavy objects with your vehicle!

Dodge has been around since before World War II when they manufactured gas masks for military use during this period where rubber became scarce due other factors including rationing because of wartime production demands; however it didn’t end there: after getting back into business again following conflagrations all over Europe – devastate areas needed land transportation while everyone else tried finding any way possible out alive.

Dodge Charger Series:

The Dodge Charger series is the most luxurious and best-selling car in Bangladesh, offering high end features such as a 3 6l pent star TM VVT V6 with 300hp or 264 lb ft torque. The latest model of this American performance sedan by DMC Motors Corporation‚ which was released last year is powered by an 8 speed automatic transmission that can be shifted manually to manual mode when drivers need more control over their gear selection.

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Dodge Challenger Series:

A Challenger from the Dodge stable is a perfect car for any individual that needs a reliable, fuel efficient ride. The 3.6L Pent star TM Variable Valve Timing (VVT) V6 engine offers 305hp and 268 lb-ft of torque while delivering you with more than enough comfort on your daily commute or when going out as well – thanks to its Rear Back Up Camera!

A great deal can be found at affordable prices in this popular model range which includes everything needed; namely powertrain components like 8 speed automatic transmission making sure there won’t ever come an issue down shift without being aware about what’s happening behind us through our mirrors., Plus sturdy bodywork construction including all 4 doors allowing plenty room inside too boot.

Grand Caravan Series of Dodge:

The new Dodge Grand Caravan is perfect for those who want to get from point A to B, but without wasting too much time or money on detailing.

The car comes equipped with plenty of standard features such as an LCD monitor in front that can be lowered into place when driving and also has 2nd row stow ‘n go bucket seats which make it easy enought drive around town by yourself! Other handy amenities include Sentry Key Engine Immobilizer system so you don’t need keys anymore; 3 12V DC power outlets allow users plug their phones charger cords right into these sockets while they’re still inside the vehicle thanksgiving meal prep cooking.

List of Dodge Car Price in Bangladesh


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